The House of Atreus, Part 2

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Hippodamia and Pelops, after getting their happily ever after, had a brood of children. So many, in fact, that they had to go out and conquer all the lands in what become known as the Peloponnese. The best of frenemies to come out of this litter were the brothers Atreus and Thyestes, who ruled over the Kingdom of Argos. Thyestes adored playing tricks on his older brother Atreus. Some of his favorite pranks were things like seducing his wife and plotting for the throne.


Thyestes and Atreus try to play nicely.

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The House of Atreus, Part 1

Here’s the thing about the House of Atreus – they’re all traumatized. Yes, even more so than most mythological characters. It was not a nice family. Cattier even than the Kardashians, their specialties included incest, murder, and cannibalism. More than anything else, though, they had a problem with revenge.


A typical childhood under the curse of Atreus.

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